Having lived most of my life in my head, I have become well-versed in creating a mindset that serves me. In recent years, I found myself gravitating towards exploring the mind on more technical terms, where I was formally introduced to the Law of Attraction, Manifestation, and other mainstream topics during my exploration.

This was not my first time hearing of these topics, but it was my first time looking into them. Scratching past the superficial understanding of these topics, I confirmed many of my beliefs. This started a whole new personal journey which eventually brought me to the creation of this blog.

Creating a beautiful life comes from embodying an authentic perspective.

The last seven years have taken me by surprise - in the most beautiful, miserable, and mystical ways. I returned to writing to make sense of the turbulence. My fascination with the mind and language was instantly renewed, and I spent nights writing whatever came to mind. It has been an incredibly healing and beautiful journey for me, and I thought if I could ever get to the point of sharing it, it could serve the same purpose for others. 

Though writing has always been my outlet, I never thought of pursuing it on a larger scale. The idea to start a blog was absolutely unexpected and daunting. But in choosing to embrace it, I have already gained so much perspective and growth. I've never been one to share much about myself, my life, or even my thoughts, but this is proving to be fulfilling.


 Embracing the mystery / Experiencing all that life has to offer / Seeing beauty in all things 
Individuality / Authenticity / Simplicity
Being and Becoming


Too often, people accept less than what they deserve. I can't say that I'm a stranger to this: after spending most of my life holding back my voice and minimizing my expression, I had unintentionally created a distance between myself and my life. Changing my mindset and beliefs around being seen was the most challenging thing I had faced, but it has only proved to be a valuable journey. Now, I feel like I actually living my life.

It is through cultivating consciousness that beauty is born. Having experienced this very intimately over the last couple of years, I would be honoured to play a role in helping you to do the same. 

My mission

My mission is to help you cultivate consciousness so you can create beauty in your own way, in your own life.

I look forward to helping you honour your authenticity.


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