The Malleability of the Human Experience

October 17, 2022

Sarah Alisa


The Malleability of the Human Experience Featured Blog Image by Sarah Alisa

The human experience is malleable;

It lives within

the light and dark,

the give and take,

the grips of change,

and the shifts of alchemy.

And despite this infinite range, the conditioning we receive as we grow into “our own,” affords us a limited perception. Our individual upbringing defines what “normal” is before we can question it. And so we live from this borrowed sense of normality. From here, we colour our human experience and mold it into the most immediate, usable form. Living in our creation, we either barely float, enjoy our swim, or cause riptides that wager against our own existence.

This causes the thought of living a beautiful life to become increasingly distant from the present, where we stand. Often, it is immediately tethered to the chokehold of perfection – an absolute quality, and an absolutely unrealistic one at that. However, the idea of living beautifully remains accessible. And the evergreen opportunity to reclaim the beauty amidst reality comes through pursuing perspective; journeying with consciousness.

Consciousness is the Antidote
to the Lacklustre Human Experience

Consciousness is the antidote:

the evergreen, reminding note

counteracting the pill

of a lacklustre thrill.

Consciousness is combat to the relentless conditioning that plagues the inherent beauty of this human experience. It provides the encompassing whole that details a truth beyond what our eyes may see and what our ears wish to hear. In the acknowledgement of the loud ink and the fine print, consciousness reads in between the lines, challenging what we think.

Consciousness is the awareness of the inner world, the outer world, and the bridge that exists between the two parts that make the whole. As a concept/term, consciousness acknowledges that the world is in fact a mirror. When we look within, we will see how the result of the external comes to be. After all, our emotions are textured by the push and pull of the tide.

We can utilize the way we feel, the way we think, and our voiced opinions to mold the world around us; to be conducive to our secure success, individually and collectively. Consciousness provides a truthful lay of the land; helping us move in a productive manner. Consciousness creates an individually shaped gateway that allows discovery of a new lifestyle. However, this gateway is not easy to walk through because the other side is unknown.

Treading the Liminal

The other side is undefined at best – there is only existence at rest. Pure potential floods the gates allowing you to reach destiny, or live by fate. But the infinite nature of potential is daunting. It’s easy to lose your sense of self. And that’s exactly why so many people run from it. But the idea of limitlessness is tempting, isn’t it?

Everything is until it isn’t – consciousness is no exception. In fact, consciousness walks the line of the liminal. Consciousness defies, dissolves, and denounces different aspects of life to provide a series of initiations that supply answers to your questions and solutions to your problems.

Consciousness is the epitome of self-improvement. Though it may seem like stepping in quicksand, it is simply the hidden lay of the land. Consciousness can be accessed through a simple change in mindset, or through a turbulent experience. It’s simple as acknowledging that there is more than meets the eye in any situation or circumstance, no matter how it appears – higher meaning is embedded into all things, in all forms. The best part? You don’t need to plan everything out – you’ll never know where you land.

My initiation into a deeper consciousness occurred when I had my life plans ripped out from under my feet. It was years of built up momentum having nowhere to go… until I decided to abide in surrender. And this is where I landed; the creation of this blog and my contribution to the collective consciousness.

Cultivating Consciousness –

Cultivating Consciousness –

fostering resolve

among the soul, heart, and ego,

birthing a cause to evolve.

Cultivating Consciousness is an endless journey, the walk of the golden spiral to fully reclaim and utilize the spiral within. It’s the remembrance of who we were before we walked this realm and the reclamation of how we walk this realm in the present moment. It is an unravelling that helps us to arrive at our essence as we tug at the threads that wove our existence leading to the moment of entrapment.

This journey starts when we come to terms with the blatant misery we’re experiencing. Though this journey beats the odds by default, it requires a whole-hearted commitment to reside in your power – the greatest, most threatening honour. Questioning the external, no matter how authoritative in form, marks power. And everyone knows power until they receive a fighting answer. And to be fair, grappling with the answer that calls out our life-long lapse of judgement and shatters our reality isn’t easy.

It starts with a single intention and from that point ripples out the waves of change. Dealing cards and rolling dice like the croupier, there is no stop once you get in the game. This is not to instill fear, but understand what you get yourself into; this is not a fool’s game – and thinking so will only bring shame.

If you’re brave enough to commit, then you will see an immediate shift in your presence. The presents of perspective begin to roll in as you create beauty directly where you are.

– & Creating Beauty

Creating beauty –

a perspective pursued

until it’s imbued

with Divinity.

Creating beauty is a reflecting your qualities, in their imperfect nature, outward. Vanity fades, but in its evolution, existence remains constant. Mere existence is a signalling of consciousness in form, a beautiful mystery waiting to be acknowledged. Is there a thread of purpose within that connects you with an inextinguishable conviction to live beautifully?

Nature by default is beauty cut and captured on full display. It is under appreciated, also by default. A direct consequence to modern life becoming our detriment. Stripping us from nature in its perfect existence to create an artificial sufficiency. Our souls evacuate cries that we deny, in order to fulfill an obligation to no one and nothing of importance. Slaving to the demands of illusion at its best.

In theory, it’s a simple fix. But action requires cognizance and courage. The beauty we see is the beauty that we are capable of breeding. It’s begins and ends within. And the need to look within will not cease until it is satisfied. Once you get past the weeds of your past, and slowly unearth your insecurities, you become privy to the simplicity of existence, beauty in and of itself. Once you master this, you enter an existence where beauty and the beholder are one; you embody perspective.

Embodying Perspective

As cultivating consciousness seeds the path for you to create beauty, you ultimately begin embodying perspective. This is the groundwork that will build foundations for your greatest dreams and desires. But, don’t be fooled, the work has only just begun. When people say “Dare to dream,” it speaks louder than most realize. It is the most daunting journey to bet on yourself when you’ve only seen odds that find you like devastating emails on a perfectly joyous day.

Embodying perspective allows you to revel in your existence as you connect to the surrounding world. Your only wish becomes to absorb each and every moment as it comes. You reside in your H/higher power that allows you to flow with the currents of the collective consciousness.

The Human Experience is Malleable

The true malleability of the human experience is one that actualizes as you source movement from within. When you begin to move in a way that is authentic to you, you begin expanding the way you interact with the realm around you. You see what is reflected back to you – a multidimensional miracle worthy of exploration. Instead of assuming the role of victim, you own the role of a victor. Courtesy of cultivating consciousness and creating beauty in way that is necessary for you and your soul’s evolution.


This is the the type of experience I offer you through my words and work.

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